Saturday, July 01, 2006

The future lies in search engines that know linguistics

An article on Wikipedia 3.0: The end of Google? has leaped to popularity overnight. I think they miss the point that Google and the Semantic Web will not ultimately be two different things. They will converge to the same thing as we learn to parse the meaning out of the language we write in. People are lazy and this is the laziest alternative. It can even be donw while they write.

Ontologies should be built from the bottom up with linguistic raw material as new search engine capabilities.

Realistically people don't have enough time to organize their ideas by constructing folksonomies and Wikipedia's folksonomy is only going to capture how a fraction of the world sees a given topic.

The semantic web will eventually be built from the bottom up by semantically decoding the ideas tht people are expressing in their writing.

Making their writing clearer is where people should put their efforts, not social bookmarking .

Sure they should link to sites, but link to them in a way that is accessible to search engines and which clearly labels and identifies what the link is about Google Bomb