Friday, December 09, 2005

Historiography and World History

Historiography and World History
1. Lieberman's strange parallels in world history
2. Lieberman, historiography, and scientific methodology
3. Di Cosmo on state formation and periodization
4. Braudel's model of history
5. Karl Polanyi: Reciprocity, redistribution, and market exchange in economic history

Greek and Roman Classics: Myth vs. history, factvs. fiction
1. Gavampti and Razadarit Ayeidawpon
2. Comparing Livy and U Kala, author of the Burmese Chronicle
3. Historical Gazetteer of Burma-Yunnan-Bay of Bengal

Aung-thwin's Mon Paradigm: the fallacy of being a fallacist
1. The "Mon Paradigm" in Burmese History
2. The fallacy of negative proof

Niall Ferguson and Nicholas Taleb: Chance and counterfactuals in history
1. Fooled by Randomness
2. Counterfactuals, Niall Ferguson, and the Burmese Chronicle
3. Human agency in history: Niall Ferguson and Counterfactuals, Nicholas Taleb and Monte Carlo Simulations

Sanjay Subrahmanyam: Elites, geography, and intellectual history
1. Subrahmanyam’s critique of fixed 'area studies' (versus perhaps, adaptable ‘regional studies’)
2. Subrahmanyam’s porous intellectual frontiers of early modern Southeast Asia

Marx and Warfare:
1. Did expansionary warfare drive pre-modern economic growth and decline? (Marx)
2. Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World

Geoff Wade vs. Gavin Menzies: Truth and scholarship vs. nationalism and marketing in Ming Chinese history
1. Let the people decide what actually happened (a new democratic theory of Chinese history)
2. Exposing fraudulent historical sources

Feedback diagrams
1. Jared Diamond's Feedback Diagram

Academic publishing on the internet
1. Wikipedia and journalistic errors in the Economist

1. Histories of historians instead of what actually happened ?!?