Thursday, December 08, 2005

Index to History of
the Tai-Yunnan frontier (1359-1402)

This is a narrative event-based history of the Tai-Yunnan-Burma frontier (c. 1369-1398) roughly from the beginning three dynasties: the Ming in China (c. 1368), the Burmese at Ava (c. 1364), and a Mon dynasty at Pegu (c. 1364).

It is a historical interpretation built on top of a computer-based primary source, probably the first of its kind, Geoffrey Wade's "Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu: An Open Access Resource". Citations are linked directly to the primary source.

This paper is indebted to the paper Wade, Geoff(2004) "Ming China and Southeast Asia in the 15th Century: A Reappraisal" for providing a starting point for Ming Shi-lu references. For full bibliographical entries please see my two recent papers: paper1, paper2


1. The initial Ming attempts to win Yunnan over (1369-1380)

2. The Ming invasion and conquest of Yunnan (1380-83)

3. Ming punitive expedition to the Tai-Yunnan frontier (1388)

4. The Tai invasion of Ming Yunnan (1386-99)

5. Failed Ming attempts at intervention on the Tai-Yunnan frontier (1390's).

6.Conclusion: Segmentary States along the Tai-Yunnan frontier

7. Tai raids on Ava in Upper Burma before the Ming conquest (1359-82)