Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mon-Burmese warfare during the Razadarit era (1385-1421)

The Razadarit Ayeidawpon is mainly a history of the reign of the Mon king Razadarit (r. 1385-1421). A translation of this important work into English has recently been made by the Burmese scholar San Lwin, but it is only available in an unpublished form. The work consists mainly of military history. The following is a selection of paraphrased extracts from this work presented in chronological order.

Narrative military history of the Razadarit era (c. 1385-1421)

1. Razadarit's minister Deinmaniyut on chain of command (c. 1383)

2. Ava attacks Razadarit for the first time (c. 1385)

3. A delaying action by the ruler of Wun

4. Razadarit takes Martaban (c. 1388)

5. Razadarit’s first efforts to subjugate Bassein and Myaungmya (c. 1388)

6. A Mon Theory of limited warfare (c. 1388)

7. Razadarit finishes consolidating his rule over the south (c. 1390)

8. Razadarit takes Myanaung from Ava, Ava counterattacks (c. 1390)

9. Razadarit Ayeidawpon and the western "Just War" tradition

10. Razadarit and Sieges

11. Avan river patrol from Khepaung captures Paik Thinran (c. 1416)

12. The Battle of Pannin (c. 1416)

13. Ava attacks Panko (c. 1416)

14. Raiding by river around Bassein (c. 1416)

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