Friday, March 03, 2006

New Weblog:
The study of myths in Burmese history

A new weblog for the study of myth in Burmese history has been set up at the link above:

"This weblog is devoted to the study of myths in Burmese history: 1. To the truths they may contain, historical as well as philosophical. 2. To the purposes their fictions may have served their authors in centuries past and in more recent times."

As an example of myths used in more recent times, early twentieth century historical novels adding an extra layer of mythical history to the the chronicle history of Min Gyi Nyo's reign (1486-1531). These fictions were republished in the 1960's and seem to have become part of the accepted history for the period. It might be interesting to see what role these elaborations of early modern history have played in more recent history.