Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Burmese Chronicle translations and a summary

Still finding more translations which I entered into the computer. Most of my translations were handwritten and I haven't entered them into the computer yet. They are all painfully literal, almost word to word glosses, because that was the best way I found to maintain the sense of the original at the time when I was reading the Burmese chronicle a lot, but now I realize, some parphrase and adaptation is necessary, to make it understandable and meaningful to outsiders who not immersed in it all.

I will clean these translations up and perfect them one day, but in the meantime maybe someone can put them to use. In the Open Source and Wikipedia era, the notion of Open Content projects are becoming more popular, so maybe some people might eventually like to collaborate on translation, a group effort.

Hopefully along with better translations, we can write a Burmese computer dictionary lookup utility and text reader like Dimsum which I use to read Chinese.

Here are two more with more to follow: