Thursday, June 01, 2006

Web museum of Tudor England

Originally uploaded by Jon Fernquest.
This Tudor England history site shows how the visual side can be developed in a web-based historical museum.

Galleries of paintings and figurines are prominent.

Sure wish paintings or images of Burmese royalty prior to the 19th century were available. Only fictional recreations of them are available like the statue of Bayinnaung in Tachileik across the border from Maesai, Thailand in Chiang Rai province where I live (see photo to right).

Compared to this site, my site really appears overly intellectual and textual which limits its interest to non-specialist historians. One solution is to repurpose the more intellectual material into a separate "History for travellers weblog".

[Found this website at the Brad de Long (economist U.C. Berkeley) weblog]