Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Burmese Chronicle Translations

A colleague just pointed out to me that these translations are way too long to read online. I don't really intend them to be read online. Copy and paste into notepad or another plain text editor to remove text formatting and then from there into Word or Open Office (better) and then print.

I'm playing around with Blog API's that allow you to seemlessly update and modify your weblog from your own local PC.

It would be cool if you could actually use a weblog to think, receive peer feedback, and restructure your writing in response to this feedback, perhaps using an outliner.

I know this sounds strange perhaps, but not if you're used to teaching classrooms of university students (like in Thailand where I live) how to write and if you want them to use their own resources of peer review to the maximum possible, although such an idea is probably applicable to scholars writing for publication also, but scholars as professionals, are probably more private about their writing.

Journal referrees still provide an invaluable function of making sure research is up-to-date and academic standards such as citation are upheld. A lot of what's published on Burmese history does a pretty abysmal job of fact checking, citation checking, and making sure that the recent literature on a topic is cited and addressed, but there's always the future. Hopefully, they'll actually hire some more specialists in Burmese history or at least give them this editing work and an honorarium. On the other hand, perhaps the best strategy is to become a specialist in a topic that is applicable to world history, like social and political history of war, and then address Burma as one geographical-chronological specialization.

Well, here are the translated entries:

Later Burmese Chronicle circa 1572 (UKIII:7-11)

Marching to the Shan states and Lansang-Laos (c. 1574-1576) (UKIII:12-19)

Later Burmese Chronicle: Sri Lanka, Lansang-Laos, etc. (c. 1576-1578) (UKIII:20-27)

Later Burmese Chronicle: Chiangmai (c. 1579-1581) (UKIII:28-36)