Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Burmese chronicle - By U Kala
English Translation

I'm posting my translation of the Burmese chronicle to a new weblog:

The Burmese Chronicle (By U Kala)

The first entries include the beginnings of the universe (please note the plural), the first king of the world Mahathamadda, and some entries from the early 1400's.

My translation covers hundreds of years, but is far from complete. Use it to get a general idea of what the Burmese chronicle is like, but if you want to put the Burmese chronicle to scholarly use, please use the Burmese language original and this translation as a reading aid. The Burmese language, especially in 1700, is written in a very different fashion from the English language, so any translation faces many difficult and imperfect decisions.

The individual entries are grouped into time periods in the right sidebar.

One day I will perfect the translation and also index it in other useful ways such as by place name and personal name just like Geoff Wade's Online Ming Shi-lu does.