Friday, May 19, 2006

Introduction to
Translation of the Burmese Chronicle

Just finished an introduction to my Burmese Chronicle translation that I am posting to a separate weblog: Burmese Historical Chronicle (By U Kala).

I've moved my military history of the Razadarit era (c. 1385-1421) that is based on Razadarit Ayeidawpon, and eventually U Kala's Burmese chronicle too, to a separate blog. I will do the same for the history of the Tai-Yunnan frontier that I am reconstructing also.

The format of weblogs is ideal for publishing news or updates to information. This information should eventually be incorporated into an evolving master text. For example, breaking news should become part of the background information that readers use to understand new breaking news.

My strategy is to refactor blog entries into an evolving master text, by positioning the master text in the right sidebar of the weblog. Using Wikipedia's software to do this would be better. The final end product should be a pdf ebook and ultimately a paper book edition, but only when the work is perfect and complete, meaning most importantly, that it has been subjected to extensive peer review.

Refactoring is a concept from computer programming about how to revise a program so that its organization is clearer and easier to understand. This clarity also makes program freer from error and more reliable (See Wikipedia:Refactoring). Within the Wikipedia writers community, refactoring is now used to refer to reorganizing text to make it clearer while preserving content (See Wikipedia:Refactoring_writing).