Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The infernal MON PARADIGM machine

Here is an old weblog renamed appropriately.

The book The Mists of Rammana by Professor Aung-thwin of the University of Hawaii is not worth the paper it is written on.

It is not only deeply logically flawed, but also morally reprehensible, shamelessy using a strawman, the Mon paradigm, to attack his enemies and predecessors in the field and generally spreading FUD and shamelessly belittling the suffering of a conquered ethnic minority in Burma: the Mon.

Ironically, this will probably be the only thing you read on the internet about his book or theories because he studiously avoids publishing anything on the internet. Why? Maybe someone would read it and his sloppy scholarship would be exposed.

Well I will expose this sloppy scholarship, line by line, using the original Burmese language sources.

Almost every sentence I read of his papers has the smell of logical fallacy or unoriginal ideas with uncited sources. Intellectual dishonesty or sloppiness? We'll see.