Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More warfare during the Razadarit era (c. 1406-1407)

I've posted in my Warfare in the Razadarit Era (c. 1385-1421) weblog two more historical episodes from Razadarit Ayeidawpon:

16. Minkhaung’s renews his attack on Pegu (c. 1406)

[Featuring a sort of contest of recirpocity between gentlemen warrior elites. Ideology or reality?]

17. Ava and Pegu fight over Arakan (c. 1407)

[Ava and Pegu once again fight over Arakan with Ava being the initial aggressor and Razadarit successfully defending and freeing Arakan. Treachery-trickery is used to break a siege. Will compare with additional primary sources that I have soon.]